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The difference between bucket elevators and construction elevators

Core Tip: Many engineering construction friends will confuse the bucket elevator with the construction elevator. Is this correct? Let's discuss it.
From the appearance, these two machines are really difficult to distinguish. Bucket elevators and construction elevators are all large-scale lifting equipment. They are generally one of the most common mechanical equipments in construction sites. Some of the friends say that the functions of the two are the same. There is no need to distinguish between them. Well done work, here Tianyi Steel Warehouse wants to tell everyone that this statement is wrong, why? Bucket elevator is a relatively intelligent modern lifting equipment, it can not only be directly controlled by the operator, Moreover, the computer automatic positioning system can also be used to control the lifting, loading and unloading, dismantling and the like of the materials, and the utility model is very convenient to use, and the type of performance and the performance requirements of the hoisting machine are relatively small, and the reliability is good and the service life is long. Is a very effective work assistant. The construction elevator has a long history. It is a relatively old-fashioned lifting device. For a long time, the construction elevator plays its unique role in lifting and transporting materials. However, with the development of modern industry and machinery, the functions of the old-fashioned elevators have not met the requirements of people, and the problems of inconvenience, noise, and pollution are not solved. Therefore, the construction elevators have been slightly in various performances. Inferior. The bigger difference is that the bucket elevator is much higher than the elevator safety system. Although he is slower in raising materials, safety is the first priority, which is more attractive to users. Now everyone can distinguish bucket elevators and construction lifts very well.