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Precautions for storage of materials in steel silos

Large steel silos play an increasingly important role in the storage of materials, but must also pay attention to the following matters when storing materials: After the construction of Tianyi Steel Silo, the storage materials are divided into 3 times for storage and 1 storage materials. The storage capacity is about half of the library, which is to adapt the foundation of large steel plate warehouse, large steel warehouse, cone bottom warehouse and flat bottom warehouse. 2 times of storage can be stored once after 1 month. The internal gasification of the library is: after the installation of the fluidization rod and the gasification tube in the library is completed and the normal operation is completed for 2 days, the storage materials are good, and the gasification is used. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the storage of materials. Generally, gasification and homogenization are started in 3-4 days. The time for one homogenization can be about 2 hours. This is the time and number of gasification in the library, and the material in the warehouse is homogenized. The time is 2 hours and is equalized once every 3 days. This is what should be paid attention to when storing materials in steel silos.