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Characteristics of flat-bottomed grain storage silos

Tianyi Steel Silo tells you that the storage grain steel silo can be divided into two categories according to the structure of the cone bottom: flat-bottom grain storage silo and cone bottom grain storage silo. The following is a brief introduction to the flat-bottomed grain storage silo.
The flat-bottom galvanized corrugated steel silo is an advanced grain storage facility. The foundation is mainly made of brick and cement (stone). Flat-bottom series metal grain steel silo single warehouse diameter φ6.1 ~ φ26.3 m, warehouse capacity from 80 ~ 12000 tons of various specifications, according to user needs, can be arbitrarily selected.
1. Large capacity, light weight, low basic requirements and low cost.
2. Easy assembly and short construction period.
3. According to the user's choice, it can realize functions such as temperature measurement, ventilation and air intake.
4. Facilitate mechanization and modern management.
5. Demolition is simple, easy to maintain and reliable to use.
6, long service life, generally up to 30 years.