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Features of fabricated steel silo

Features of fabricated steel silo

Writer:sellynaSource:www.steelsilo.cn Number of visits:54 Date:2015-02-07 08:45

Fabricated steel silo assembly referred to warehouse, warehouse assembly is mechanically rolled and molded corrugated plate after punching A steel silos with electric torque wrench made by high-strength bolted connection assembly. Features mounting positions are as follows:

  1. All plates are made of high-quality hot galvanized plate, all parts are standard components, it can be replaced with a user during use, such as the occurrence of damage or corrosion, easy replacement of damaged parts, and prolong life. In the steel silo design, manufacture, installation, use process strictly follow the relevant national standards.

  2, can be modified, demolition, especially for rental space is ideal for users with quick installation, low investment characteristics.

  3, steel silo height, diameter in a wide range of options, covering less adaptable.

  4, during normal use, if the warehouse of food due to the reasons for higher water content caused by the temperature rises to a critical point, matching the temperature measurement system will promptly issue a warning telling you that there is danger in some parts of the food, ventilation and cooling should be carried out (Optional).

  So, precisely because of the special properties and characteristics of fabricated steel silo itself has so many types of steel silo also put to use in many areas. Fabricated steel silo is widely used in food, brewing, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.