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Top plate warehouse warehouse at the end of the routine repair and maintenance


Writer:tyzNumber of visits:59 Date:2016-06-14 08:31

Periodic inspection warehouse roof plate is intact, the fastening bolts are loose. Regular maintenance of the warehouse roof platform to prevent the feed hole, platform board, rain leaking ring, an outer member to produce rust, etc., if rust should be promptly treated. Regular whole welded warehouse roof of the warehouse roof weld inspection, to determine the necessary embalmed according to inspection.

Regular process holes (including vents, manholes, temperature hole, seat position, etc.) appearance of rust and leak check Check.

Each silo is filled or vented while, to check whether the deformation of the warehouse wall, legs, etc. through sensitive parts of the profile to be especially careful observations, and make inspection records archive. Check the warehouse wall rust situation, according to the inspection of the warehouse wall embalmed year.

After each short positions, body positions to deal with checks, whether good sealing doors, doors four weeks whether the split phenomenon, check with the silo wall stiffener connection. If the tapered end positions, to deal with the cone bucket rooting site inspection, according to the inspection of bevel fight against erosion or other treatment.

For mounting bolts loose straight ladder for anti annual inspection and check the material for damage, corrosion protection or other processing according to the inspection.