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What are the problems with the tail wheel of the bucket elevator?

The tail wheel of the bucket elevator is generally prone to problems, and if the tail wheel has a problem, it will affect the normal operation of the bucket elevator, and it is more likely that the material will be deflected, and then the material will not be normal during the conveying process. It is delivered to the specified height, the designated location.
If there is a problem with the tail wheel of the bucket elevator, then the corresponding positive head wheel will inevitably appear. Because the tail wheel and the head wheel are in a vertical collision surface, if the transmission shaft is in a vertical plane but the imbalance is caused, the transmission shafts of the head wheel and the tail wheel are offset. Although the two transmission shafts are parallel, although they are on the same vertical plane. However, if the level is not level, the hopper will be deflected. The hopper may hit the barrel and the hopper belt will tear.
It is known that the front end of the bucket elevator will withstand relatively large dynamic pressure, and the bearing will be squeezed for a long time. Some people will continue to use it after simple welding or brush plating in order to save trouble. However, this will definitely cause drawbacks. It is easy to cause damage to the material of the welded part. If it continues to be used, it will bend or break. This will cause the problem of the offset of the head wheel and the tail wheel, which will not solve the problem fundamentally.