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Talking about the problem of safe storage of steel silo

The steel silo has a thin wall, large internal and external temperature difference, condensation on the grain, arching phenomenon and even mildew. People suspect that it is safe to store grain. Practice has proved that as long as it is managed well, the safety of grain storage is very guaranteed. In general, grain moisture and impurities in storage are important factors affecting safe grain storage. Therefore, try to improve the dust removal process, the grain impurities should be controlled below 1.0%; strictly control the moisture in the grain, generally not more than 13%, if the water is higher than 13.5%, should be timely ventilation and cooling; timely circulation, follow the first-in first-out the rules.
After the grain is put into the warehouse, although the warehouse wall is thin, the temperature difference is easy to form inside and outside the warehouse, but the grain is a bad conductor of heat. Only the grain temperature within 300mm from the warehouse wall changes. At the same time, the heat absorption is fast and the heat dissipation is fast. On sunny days, the food temperature is generally highest at 3:00 pm, but the grain temperature is basically restored to 7:00 pm. The installation of the grain inspection system provides convenient and detailed data for daily grain temperature testing and management. Once the grain temperature changes, it can be properly disposed of. In the top of the warehouse, the grain surface is prone to condensation, and it is necessary to install an axial fan or an exhaust device at the top of the warehouse. The mechanical ventilation device is installed at the bottom of the warehouse, and the ventilation channel is an effective measure for safe grain storage.
According to the data introduction and inspection, it is confirmed that as long as the performance requirements of grain storage for granaries are met, the management of grain storage is strengthened, and effective safe grain storage measures are adopted, the steel silo can be used as a long-term storage granary, and the safe storage period can be up to 3 years. For rice and corn, it can be stored safely for more than one year. If the steel silo is insulated and the supporting facilities and technology are perfected, the grain storage time will be longer. According to the investigation, some steel silo users have gradually improved the management of grain storage due to proper ventilation and cleaning measures. The longest safe storage period of wheat has exceeded 3 years.