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Ministry of Agriculture: The scope of pilot subsidies for agricultural machinery scrapping renewal has been extended to all provinces in the country.

The development and application of agricultural machinery is an important prerequisite for the development of China's agricultural modernization. Recently, in order to further promote the development of China's agricultural machinery and equipment, and promote the implementation of special actions such as “agricultural agronomy integration” and “public service platform construction”, the Ministry of Agriculture has issued a number of policy initiatives.
Vigorously improve the research and development capabilities of agricultural machinery and agronomy integration technology. In the "13th Five-Year" national modern agricultural industrial technology system, the experts of agricultural machinery posts were greatly increased, and all 50 systems were fully covered. Establish an expert advisory group on agricultural mechanization technology innovation strategy and 11 innovative professional groups. In the "Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Capability Construction Plan (2016-2020)", 16 agricultural engineering key laboratories and 22 full-scale mechanized scientific test bases were planned to provide talents and scientific research for promoting the integration of agricultural machinery and agro-equipment innovation. Basic conditions support.
Vigorously promote the development and promotion of key equipment technologies. Organize the modern agricultural industry technology system agricultural machinery post experts, agricultural machinery technology innovation team around the main crops and industry needs, carry out key equipment research and development and mechanization technology integration demonstration. Promote the establishment of a number of scientific and technological innovation alliances, promote the close integration of scientific research units and equipment manufacturing enterprises, give full play to the role of enterprises as the main body, and carry out collaborative innovation. The implementation of the “Majorization of Main Crop Production Mechanization Promotion” was launched, and project funds were set up. The “13th Five-Year Plan” supported 500 counties to mechanize the entire crop production process, focusing on the testing and demonstration of weak link equipment technology, and accelerating technical assembly and support, 2016~2017 The number of county implementation projects has reached 213. The "13th Five-Year Plan for the Cultivation of New Type of Professional Peasants in the Nation" lists the major agricultural machinery and agricultural machinery cooperatives as key training targets, and trains more than 10,000 people each year.
Vigorously promote the reform and innovation of agricultural machinery and equipment technology evaluation. We will intensify the evaluation of new equipment and new products and the application of standard revision and revision. Since 2016, 23 agricultural machinery industry standards have been issued, and 34 new projects have been issued. The new system has revised and announced 81 ministerial-level agricultural machinery promotion and appraisal programs, and completed the agricultural machinery promotion and appraisal. More than 4,000 projects. We will promote the reform of the agricultural machinery test and identification system, change the identification method, optimize the appraisal supply, and better serve the innovative development of agricultural machinery and equipment.
Vigorously strengthen the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy to support the guiding role. Highlight the green ecological orientation and implement open subsidies for machinery that supports the green development of agriculture. Increase the pilot subsidies for the purchase of new products for agricultural machinery. The pilot provinces will be expanded from 3 in 2016 to 10 in 2017. At the same time, agricultural machinery purchase subsidies will be introduced in 6 provinces and cities and 1 separate cities to guide the implementation of the standardized application of plant protection drones. Promote new products and new technologies to accelerate the transformation and promotion. Efforts were made to solve the problems of multi-functional, multi-modal, intelligent and new agricultural machinery products with too broad grades and insufficient support. The provinces selected five key items to optimize the grades and increase the amount of subsidies. Increase the support for the retirement of agricultural machinery, and the scope of the pilot program for scrapping and updating subsidies has been expanded from 17 provinces to all provinces in the country.