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New advantages in the development of fabricated steel silos

The assembled steel silo has a history of nearly 20 years in China, and Tianyi Steel Silo has been in the granary market for 10 years. Then, what are the advantages of the assembled steel silo, what are the advantages compared with the flat warehouse, the shallow round warehouse, the welding warehouse, and the coil warehouse? Tianyi Steel Silo has experienced the market in the past ten years. Come and share it with everyone.
First: high space utilization. The assembled steel silo can occupy a small amount of land and occupy only a high space to meet the requirements of large-tonnage storage. Relatively speaking, the land cost is low.
Second: convenient storage, simple use, good storage effect, long time, the current steel silo has been freed from the simple storage stage of the past, due to continuous improvement of technology, ventilation technology, temperature measurement technology, insulation technology, refrigeration technology, etc. The development has made the quality of the storage of steel silos continuously improved, and the storage time can reach 3-10 months.
Third: It can save labor costs to the greatest extent. Tianyi Steel Warehouse can save money directly in the current situation of rising labor costs in China.
Fourth: The service life is long. The service life of the steel silo is national standard. For more than 25 years, the service life of some warehouses is even more than 30 years.
Fifth: convenient maintenance and repair, in the later maintenance process, because it is a fabricated steel silo, when a certain part of the granary needs to be replaced, it can be partially repaired, which will undoubtedly reduce the secondary construction cost of the customer.
Sixth: The development of the assembled steel silo has the upgrade characteristics, the transformation characteristics, the replacement characteristics, and can be upgraded and upgraded on the basis of the existing ones, and has the forward-looking nature of the replacement upgrade.
In the end, the assembled steel silo will definitely stand firm in the granary market, and the Tianyi steel silo can also have a better development prospect in the storage industry.