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Steel silo discharging method

One of the characteristics of the steel silo is that its own weight is light, and the requirements on the foundation are not high, and the accurate and reasonable method of selecting and discharging can save the capital of the land construction. The steel silo has four discharging methods, the whole steel cone bucket discharging method. The discharging method is to install the steel cone bucket by using the steel cylinder body and the root channel, and let the material flow by its own weight. The semi-steel cone discharge method is suitable for steel silos with a diameter of 6-12 meters, and the steel silo for multi-point discharge method of flat bottom trough is suitable for large-diameter flat-bottomed steel silos. There is also a flat bottom sweeper discharging method, which is more common in foreign warehouses. The discharge port is located at the center. When the material is discharged to the stop angle, the activity is stopped. At this time, the warehouse is opened. The user must select the appropriate discharging method according to the characteristics of his own materials to meet the requirements of his own use.